This design portfolio showcases various projects throughout my career. Featured projects do rotate, so if you are looking for something in particular please contact me for more information. Let’s get started on your next project!

Candy Nation

Candy Nation is a candy distributor based in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This logo redesign came with new ownership of the company. Since then I have also designed several promotional pieces, including the labels shown above for decade candy boxes of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

The images of the actual decade candy boxes are from the Candy Nation website (www.candynation.com). I do not own or claim to own the rights to these photos. They are only included to show the labels in use on the actual packaging.

Passport Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation was a custom request for a couple getting married on a European cruise. I chose to make the invitation resemble a passport, with custom stamps as the itinerary page. The invitation is presented as a Z-fold brochure, so the front cover is the passport design and the back cover is the plain blue texture.

H.U.M.A.N. Apparel Co.

H.U.M.A.N. Apparel is a clothing company based out of Flemington, New Jersey, that exists to showcase that our differences don’t divide us, they unite us as a species; as Humanity. This logo design will always keep the left icon black, but the outlined icon on the right can change the fill for special events and promotions.

We Are All Human This design focuses on all of the little things that make us who we are. At the end of the day, we are all human, and it is important to remember that.

Equality This design focuses on religion, language, race, and gender, to highlight a few of the many things we use to define ourselves. No matter what we use to define us, we are all equal, and should embrace our differences while understanding that we are all united as humanity.

Gender Equality Between the words “female,” “woman,” and “she,” are “male,” “man,” and “he,” all forming the shape of a heart. No one person is better than another, and together we can unite over our love for all people.

It’s Not Stock

It’s Not Stock sells automotive aftermarket performance parts, primarily for European cars. The company is located in the Philadelphia area. The original, “classic” logo is shown above, with another rendition to the left.


Dabaldo is an up and coming DJ/Producer from Washington D.C. based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. DaBaldo’s origins are stapled in the Punk Rock, Emo and Ska scene inherently native to his hometown. These broad influences have provided a unique style often described as “House with an aggressively melodic twist.” This logo was designed to be used with or without the text, focusing on the six circles alone as the brand develops.

Save the Date

This Save the Date postcard was designed with the bride’s preference of green and gold in mind. With carefully arranged greenery and a soft gold script, the simple but elegant design made this bride very happy. Invitations will be coming soon, so stay connected to see the design!

Camel City Jazz Youth Orchestra

As part of a 48 hour design competition, the task was to design a logo, mailer, and advertisement proposal for the Camel City Jazz Youth Orchestra. This was inspired by the definitive visual style demonstrating the energy and elegance of traditional vibrant jazz culture. The logo was created with the shapes of five piano keys, unaligned to represent the vibrant nature and rhythm of jazz music. Each key represents a different instrument used by the Camel City Jazz Orchestra, the parent organization, to advertise what types of musicians the youth orchestra is seeking.

The mailer was created to put the idea of music into the hands of those in the community, while advertising for the orchestra. The CD has a sample of the parent organization’s music, as a preface to what the youth orchestra will sound like.

The interactive version of the logo as piano keys on the ground puts the live sounds of big band jazz music into the heart of the Winston-Salem community. It encourages people of all ages to become part of the organization, whether they enjoy the performances or want to be involved in one.

Logo Designs

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I chose to redesign the logo for the Museo Marino Marini. I designed the icon with the name of the museum and the shapes of Marini’s sculptures in mind.

This logo is for a Rugby club for kids, located in Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania.

This logo is for Dave’s Auto and Truck Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This logo might look untraditional for an auto company, but the owner wanted something unique. The address of this business is 100 Red Lion Road, and the owner wanted it to fit in the logo so people can easily remember where it is located.

This logo is for Gigi’s Kitchen, a Puerto Rican food truck in the Bensalem, Pennsylvania area.

This logo is for Precision Home Inspectors. This home inspection company is located in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Rapunzel Notan

This Notan is based off of a Japanese design concept using the placement of light and dark components to represent a story- in this case, Rapunzel. Beginning with only a black square, I could only use pieces that I cut out and flipped over the axis to create new imagery.

Wolfpack Car Club

Both of these designs are for the Wolfpack Car Club, to be used as decals, patches, and for shirts. This company is located in the greater Philadelphia area.

Joe Ficalora & Associates

A new business card design for Joe Ficalora & Associates. The company is based out of Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Custom Mousepad Design

This mousepad design was a special request for a gaming client.

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